So, apparently there’s something causing medals, which, although bought from Lincoln, are manufactured in China, to take longer than usual to get here, so I’ve had to order and confirm numbers now.

I’ve ordered the medals for the following maximum numbers:

Relay: 35 teams

Day 1 Marathon: 75 runners

Day 2 Marathon: 75 runners

Half Marathon: 40 runners.

There *might* be flexibility to switch some entries from Marathon to relay, but not the other way round.

I’ve confirmed these numbers to Timing Monkey as well, and will arrange the insurance for this many.

Just need to hope now that I can sell all these places.

AM Electrical

AM Electrical

This year’s Maravan is proud to partner with AM Electrical.

Ash has been one of the biggest supporters of our fun weekend in Cleethorpes since the event first began, and it would be fair to say that without his support, right from the start, it may not even have happened.

AM Electrical have 20 years in the trade, are fully accredited with Napit, and enjoy glowing reviews from customers, large and small, from both residential and commercial work.

They will always be my first thought for any electrical work I need doing, and should be yours as well.