Well on track for November

We don’t like to stay too quiet in the run-up to an event, but as we’re nine years into organising the Maravan, we know, pretty much, what to expect.

The team are in place, all the various things that we need to buy in are booked and paid for, so all we’re waiting for is you.

 Entries are still open, and will be for a while yet. Darren’s got an appointment with the New York City marathon first, though, and he’s had hurty feet for a few months so he’s a bit nervous!

It would be helpful to us, if you’re planning on entering the Maravan, if you could get your entries in this month, that way we can get stuff bought before Darren goes to New York, so he can have as relaxing a time as a man can have who is going to run a marathon on two long runs of 15 miles!

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