LINCOLN: The Marabank

We’re back at Burton Waters for the second annual Marabank!

8th and 9th March 2025 – Burton Waters, Lincoln

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Photo of Burton Waters marina

An exciting format of event from the team that brought you the well loved Maravan in Cleethorpes, the Marabank will offer runners of all abilities the chance to try a new distance, train for something longer, or even run a half marathon, marathon or ultra marathon, on a flat, traffic-free course, with a small friendly crowd and a pressure-free environment.

Starting at the race HQ on the beautiful Burton Waters near to Lincoln, runners have as much as seven hours to run as far as they fancy along a flat stretch of canal towpath alongside the Roman-built Fossdyke – England’s oldest canal still in regular use.

There’s ample parking at the race HQ, where there will be toilets and the feeding station, and you’ll have a chance to leave your own kit. There’s also hotel accommodation for those who are coming from further afield and an excellent value pub restaurant for post event refueling – and an opportunity for a pre race “expo”.

As well as a beautiful, historic background, we offer medals for everyone who completes even one 6.1km lap of our flat, measured, off-road course.

Being canal towpath, although it’s not necessarily tarmac all the way, it is a good running surface and road shoes will be the order of the day.

Marathon runners can choose to run an approved marathon distance – so this event is good for the 100 Club and other such clubs. Or maybe even dip your toes into the world of ultras?

The event will be run under an ARC permit giving you the assurance that the event is fully insured and exceeds the ARC’s minimum standards. And we’ll look after you with the sort of well-stocked aid station that you’ve come to know and love.

Approximately £4 from every entry goes directly to the Canal and River Trust to support their work in maintaining these important reminders of our nation’s heritage.

The Lincoln Marabank Challenge


Hopefully our philosophy is straightforward and our aims are clear. Below, we should be able to answer any questions you have about our event. However, if you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Ready to enter? 2025’s event is open now.

What’s all this then? Two days of running fun along the Roman Fossdyke canal. Each day you’ll have from 9am until 4pm to run as many 6km laps as you fancy. If you run 7, you’ll have run a marathon, and if you run more, you’ll have run an ultra.

Start times are totally flexible.

What’s in it for me? Apart from the joy of completing it, you mean? You will receive each day…

  1. A flat course, traffic-free course along a canal towpath;
  2. a medal for all participants;
  3. (hopefully) live results;
  4. a feeding station every 6km, approximately, with water and nibbles, cola, crisps, nuts, cake and more – including Darren’s wife’s now-famous brownie, much of which will be vegan, for all our plant-based friends;
  5. A goody bag full of crisps, chocolate and drinks, rather than energy bars and adverts;
  6. Flexible start times and generous cut-offs;
  7. The possibility to run an approved, measured marathon distance, suitable for the 100 marathon club and other similar fun and games.

How do I get there? The race HQ will be located by Woodcocks Pub in Burton Waters, just outside Lincoln

Can I stay nearby? There is a hotel on site, and other hotels to various budgets close by and within Lincoln City Centre.

When do I get my race number? You’ll pick this up on race day morning from the race HQ, or possibly from the pub the night before if you fancy stopping by.

Are there time limits? Yes, it’s a time limited event, you can start any time after 9am, and finish any time before 4pm. It begins to get dark after 4, and you’re alongside the canal, so I’ve not written a risk assessment for that!

What about parkrun? There are three parkruns in Lincoln, including an all elusive “Y”, for alphabet chasers, at Yarborough Leisure Centre. Our flexible start policy means you can run any one of those parkruns, and then come to Burton Waters to start your Marabank run later that day.

Do you have secure baggage facilities? No. However, the start/finish area will be manned permanently from the start of the race to the arrival of the final runner. Car parks are also very close to the course, so you might prefer to keep your kit there, especially if it is wet.

What’s the running surface like? The course is run along a canal towpath, the surface is off-road, but good along its length.

Is the course traffic-free? Yes, it’s closed to cars and other motorised traffic, however, there could be bicycles, and of course other path users will be out for the day.

Will there be feeding stations? Twice every lap you will return to base, where there will be water, cola, squash and other goodies – including Darren’s wife’s brownie – for all runners. Hot drinks are also usually available.

To reduce the risk of our waste unintentionally polluting the waterway, we are planning on making this event cupless.

Are there any facilities at the start/finish area? There’s somewhere to store your bags, and usually a gazebo for a brew if you need one. There’s a pub on site which serves breakfast, and there’ll be toilets.

Are there any toilet or drink facilities on the route? Toilets will be available at the start/finish area, and therefore every 3km or so. Please don’t irrigate the grass or bushes on the course, or they won’t invite me back.

Can I use an ipod or mp3 player on the course? Yes although we’d ask you to pay attention to hazards.

Are these events official? Yes. They are held under ARC Rules. Permits from the Association of Running Clubs will be available for inspection if required. Full third party insurance is provided by the ARC. Most importantly the Marabank will be recognised as an eligible event by the 100 Marathon Club.

Can I run with my dog? Yes the course is open to dogs. There will be other dog walkers out. Please clean up after your pet. The ARC permit requests that we see evidence of third party insurance for the dog.

Is this a commercial marathon? No. We’re putting this event on out of the kindness of our hearts. Any surplus after costs will go into upgrading the medal, the refeshment station, and if there’s anything left, extra mementoes. If there should still be anything left, the few pennies will go to good causes. Leftover food and drink are donated to the local foodbank the day after the event, except for leftover squash which goes to the oncology unit at Castle Hill.

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