Relaxed for now…

Buck Beck Beach Bench, a bench made of flotsam, driftwood and other found articles on a beach in Cleethorpes. Sandy beach and an overcast sky.
A place to relax on Cleethorpes beach…?

It’s always so quiet this time of year! Time to relax on the Beach Bench.

I like to take a month off after Maravan to recharge and unwind, and then its the unglamorous stuff in the background of reviewing risk assessments, renewing permits and permissions.

Both parks have already agreed to the event – that was done before we’d even packed away in November, so that’s the biggest hurdle out of the way.

Risk assessment is written, and I can’t renew the permit and get all those lovely millions of pounds of insurance that come with it until the spring at the earliest.

So it’s currently a game of sitting and waiting.

I know November is a long way away, but I’ve got certain landmarks along the way that I need to hit and pay for. Permit and medals seem to come up very quickly, which is why I open entries early.

Now January’s over, if you’re thinking about entering, now’s an excellent time…