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Even though things might seem quiet on the surface, like the ducks on the Foss Dyke we’re paddling as fast as our little legs will carry us. 

Our annual land use licence for the Canal and River Trust assumes 100 runners will take part in the Marabank weekend, and they charge us accordingly, well in advance, for that many people, so we’re delighted to have handed over a significant chunk of money – a good few quid per person – to the Canal and Rivers Trust just now to pay for our licence.

Land use has been confirmed for a while, but we wanted to get the paperwork out of the way now.

So there are definitely no more than 100 places for the whole weekend in March available. Ironically, we got quite close by the start of the event this year, so I wouldn’t hang around if I were you.

Those of you who are running around caravans in November, everything’s booked now apart from medals and supplies, but I still have to pay for timing and toilets as well, and I want to be able to get some of that sorted as soon as possible, so if you’re thinking of entering, please help us out by getting entries in sooner rather than later. We’ve got 75 places per day for the runs, and we’ll open up to 24 teams this year, we’d like to see as many people as possible taking part, it’s an amazing event – if you know it well, please share it with your friends and if you’re entering, think to bring a team of friends to run alongside…? 

Places are still available for all events if you want to join us. 

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