It’s payday, why not treat yourself

I’ve just had a chat with Matt at Timing Monkey. There are still plenty of spaces for all events.

I’m a little down on where I would like to be at this stage in proceedings, but both days have the necessary number of entrants to count as official marathons for the purposes of those multi-marathon running clubs that we all so enjoy hearing about.

Personally I’ve got quite a busy October, which is when I’d normally go shopping for stuff for the event, so I might have to go early and guess how much of everything I need to buy. Consequently it would be a bit helpful if you could get entries in in the next couple of weeks, so given that it’s payday today, why not go ahead and buy yourself something nice.

Relays are filling nicely, though, and I always find that I’ve got people trying to get late relay places, although for that one, when it’s full, it’s full,  so if you’ve got a team of four like-minded friends, I’d get an entry in for that sooner rather than later.

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