Meet Vigilantes Maravan CIC

Since 2013, when Darren first had the idea of running a race around a campsite, the Maravan has been run as a one-man-band, never turning a profit, but run year-to-year  Legally, Darren was working as a “sole trader”, so he couldn’t carry any revenues over from one year to the next without it becoming liable for tax. So every year he’d start again from scratch, underwriting all the costs until there was enough in the coffers to pay him back.

As the Maravan has become bigger, and with one eye towards a future with a few more races, that particular business model no longer works. We need to be able to carry money from one year to the next, to be able to sell merchandise, and to be able to put surplus made from one event into supplying other events as a year round concern.

It’s all still a labour of love, though, with one man at the helm and a gaggle of willing volunteers working alongside, doing this all for fun. It’s never going to be about profit, or even eking out a living. It’s always going to be about bringing people together for a bit of fun a couple of times a year.

So we’re pleased to announce the arrival of Vigilantes Maravan CIC, a community interest company with, at its heart, a focus on providing fun, low key and accessible athletic events for runners of all abilities in Lincolnshire and the Humber.

As a community interest company, we don’t have shareholders, we’re not obliged to make a profit, but we can operate all year round, commercially, and this is going to guarantee the sustainability of the event, and any new ones, going forwards. 

We’re now very much on the lookout for new events and new ideas, though, so if you know of a venue that might be fun, and would suit a Vigilantes Maravan day out, or if you’re thinking about setting up an event yourself but want some support doing it, please get in touch.

Vigilantes Maravan CIC is a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee.

Registered with Companies House: 13984584.

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