Final details will be with you after this weekend!

It’s getting quite exciting now, we’re really looking forward to our favourite weekend of the year!

Long range weather forecast is looking acceptable – our biggest worry was frost, but it looks like we’ll be getting rain instead; it’s not like that something we haven’t had to deal with before.

Darren is going to make a lap of the course this weekend to set out arrows and double check that Haven haven’t put any caravans or fences up on the course (it’s happened before!). Once he’s checked all of those arrangements, then he’ll let you know the final details for the 25th and 26th; by email, on this website and on social media.


2 thoughts on “Final details will be with you after this weekend!”

  1. I’m a mixture of excited and terrified. I’m so grateful for Darren and his support already. Charlie’s says can you picture the bit bikes may struggle with!! Thanks so much

    1. Of course.
      A very close resemblance of the course is here, although we start and finish in a different place, it’ll still show the bits that are awkward:
      The gate at 3:57 isn’t normally used, we have a short cut across the grass just before, but if the ground is very wet it’s safer to use the gate. All other gates are open, but this one can’t be.
      The section from 13:14 to 15:17 can be awkward in wet weather, and it’s tricky getting through the structure that stops motorbikes at 14:06.
      The section from 16:45 to 17:30 has been removed and cannot be accessed, the detour takes in a little bit of grass track, and the cut through at 17:37 has now been blocked so you have to use the gate, which will be propped open.
      The rest of the course will be fine as its decent open roads.

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