A new event for June 2022

Vigilantes Maravan are very excited to have received the relevant permissions for a pilot new event for June 11 and 12, 2022, at the foot of the iconic Humber Bridge in Barton upon Humber, in Northern Lincolnshire.

Taking inspiration from events that we’ve taken part in “down south”, we’ve decided to put on a simple, six hour daytime challenge, where we challenge you to run as many or as few 3 mile laps as you wish within a 6 hour time limit. There’s even a shorter final lap possible to round up to 26.2 miles if you want to stop there! That said, if you only want to do three miles, you can still have a result and a medal – this event is for everyone!

(We’re looking at whether we can find a way to allow accompanied children to do a short run on the course, but at the moment, it’s adults only.)

In fact, you’ve got a bit longer than six hours, as that’s the time you  have to begin your final lap.

We’ve been looking for a suitable venue for an event like this for a little while, and we’ve settled on the Humber Bridge Park in Barton because it’s flat, there’s plenty of parking, there’s a train station nearby, and there are toilets and a cafe on site.

For those of you who know the Viking Way, Barton is the start point of that particular long distance footpath, and that’s where we’ll be starting the run from.

This event is a bit more “no-frills” than the Maravan, it’s a first running, there might be teething troubles, so we’re charging what we’re hoping will be just enough to cover the costs of a smaller entry field. We reckon £20 is cracking value for 6 hours of permit race, with medical cover, food and a decent chunk of metal as a medal. 

We’re redeploying an old classic “Vigilantes Badge” medal for this event, with a new ribbon to make it bespoke to the event. This makes the event even more sustainable.

More info can be found here.

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