Final details will be with you after this weekend!

It’s getting quite exciting now, we’re really looking forward to our favourite weekend of the year!

Long range weather forecast is looking acceptable – our biggest worry was frost, but it looks like we’ll be getting rain instead; it’s not like that something we haven’t had to deal with before.

Darren is going to make a lap of the course this weekend to set out arrows and double check that Haven haven’t put any caravans or fences up on the course (it’s happened before!). Once he’s checked all of those arrangements, then he’ll let you know the final details for the 25th and 26th; by email, on this website and on social media.


Well on track for November

We don’t like to stay too quiet in the run-up to an event, but as we’re nine years into organising the Maravan, we know, pretty much, what to expect.

The team are in place, all the various things that we need to buy in are booked and paid for, so all we’re waiting for is you.

 Entries are still open, and will be for a while yet. Darren’s got an appointment with the New York City marathon first, though, and he’s had hurty feet for a few months so he’s a bit nervous!

It would be helpful to us, if you’re planning on entering the Maravan, if you could get your entries in this month, that way we can get stuff bought before Darren goes to New York, so he can have as relaxing a time as a man can have who is going to run a marathon on two long runs of 15 miles!

Enter The Maravan 

Selling well

We know that some people like to wait until an event definitely has more than 15 runners before entering – for 100 club “counting” reasons.

Happy to confirm that both Saturday and Sunday’s Marathons are over 15 runners, and, in fact, Saturday is getting close to selling out.

The Relay on Saturday is always amazing fun, and we’d like some more teams to join us for then, there’s still a few spaces left – and there’s also some space in the half.

Enter soon to be 100% certain of your place, I’m capping total entries at a hard limit of 200 people this year to avoid wastage of our medals.

Enter The Maravan

Marabank is now on the 100 club list

Often, people like to wait until an event appears on the 100 Marathon club list before entering. It gives added reassurance that, if you’re counting these sorts of things, completing a marathon distance at Marabank will count as a trail marathon for the 100 club, and completing an ultra distance within the seven hour cut off will count as a trail ultra.

Here’s the list.

Of course, if you only want to do one lap, you still get to go home with a medal and the pleasure of having spent some time in pleasant company and beautiful surroundings. 

Still plenty of space

Just been chatting with Matt at Timing Monkey, who tells me that we’ve got 20 entries so far for the Marathon.

Still loads of space for those who want to run.

I have to place an order (and pay) soon for medal ribbons, and seeing as how it’s payday weekend, you might like to get in early.

Still plenty of team relay places available, too. Every year I have to turn teams away from that because they’ve entered too late. For now, I’ve got 20 team places up for grabs, so if you want a fun end of season social, now is the best time to get in.

And now it starts

Vigilantes Maravan holds associate membership of the Association of Running Clubs. This allows us to hold officially recognised events, and gives us a nice big wodge of insurance which protects us all.

It’s an annual membership, and it needs to be renewed every year in April, so it’s up for renewal right now.

Thanks to our ARC permits, all our marathon-distance events are recognised by the various clubs and groups that like to count these sorts of things, the 100 Marathon Club and the Marathon Globetrotters just happen to be two that Darren is a member of.

I’ll get the money sent off for the ARC membership and the permit this week, and then from that point on, it’s all systems go, as the council and both landowners need to see evidence of this insurance policy.

So, as the first cost now hits the ledger, and conscious that we’re just into a new month, it would be really handy, if you’re thinking about entering, if you could get in now.

Enter The Maravan