Hi folks.

In the interest of transparency, I need to put a post about medals for Marabank next month.

Like many events, we use a local company to manufacture our medals. They have a 12 week lead time, and a minimum order of 100, and they require payment in full on order.

Before Maravan, we were nowhere near 100 entrants to Marabank. In fact, we still aren’t. Only half that many, in fact.

The intention was, therefore, to use up our existing stock of “crest” medals for Marabank rather than ordering a bespoke 100. The crest medals are designed like the Vigilantes Maravan company logo, the badge used as the logo for this page. This is a less “event specific” medal as it doesn’t contain the image of a hulking great caravan on it.

Each medal would have a new ribbon for the Marabank event, so it would be a uniquely Marabank medal.

(If the event proves a success, we’ll make a special set of nesting medals for our next two events.)

We had a number of very late entries to Maravan in November, and therefore to ensure sufficient matching supply for each event, I dipped into the stock of “crest” medals, in the knowledge that I’d probably not need them all for Marabank.

So, anyway, I did a stock check this morning and found that I’m about a dozen “crest” medals short. The nature of the event means I’m not anticipating many no shows. I can’t order any more in time for the event.

So that leaves me with a conundrum. I have well over 100 medals with a caravan, Lincolnshire flag and Vigilantes logo on, but not enough that don’t scream “Caravan park”. Each medal will have a Marabank ribbon on.

I realise that some folk don’t cherish medals as much as others, so I’m going to give you a choice of which to take.

I thank you for your understanding.

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