Chip Timing

As part of my preparations for November, I’m having to look at whether there is a way that I can implement a method by which small groups or individuals can set off at the same time.
We’ve always had wave starts at Maravan but usually of a more informal nature, where the run-walkers have been able to start when they are ready. It’s always worked, so far at least, but it’s really difficult to time, especially in poor weather, when both the traditional paper and pen method, and the more modern app method both struggle.
I’m looking at possibly needing to implement a more formal wave starting method this year if social distancing is still required, and as such, I’m having to make decisions now that have an effect on the cost to me of organising the event.
I’m almost 100% certain that I’ll use professional timers this year for all events for both days, with timing chips and the cost that that incurs. The advantage to me is that I can relax slightly more on race day without having to panic about times and counting runners.
This does come at a cost, however, but I’m hoping to be able to recoup some of that additional cost with the ability to handle more entries, and especially more relay and half marathon entries – which I really struggle timing.
It would help me, though, as I have to pay a deposit up front, if you’re thinking of entering, if you could do it soon. Remember that you can transfer your entry for free, to another runner, or switch to another event, right up until the end of October.

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