Final Instructions

Four key points, if you read nothing more than this:

  1. Numbers and timing chips to be collected on race day from approx. 7.30am;
  2. No parking on any grass areas in the park, nor on the hard standing next to established mobile homes;
  3. Toilets are at the start/finish area, please don’t water, despoil or litter the park.
  4. We may not be able to marshal all the road crossings this year, please take care and give way to any traffic.
ExpoNumbers will not be given out at the Brewer’s Fayre this year. However, we will have a “pop-up” information desk and social area at the pub from 6pm on Friday night, for last-minute questions, or just to meet up with the team and relax. If you have anything important that you need to let us know, or if you need to discuss any aspect of your race, then you’ll find us in Maravan Corner to the right of the bar.  Brewer’s Fayre is next to the Premier Inn at DN35 0PN.
Race LocationThe race takes place in Thorpe Park Holiday Park in Cleethorpes, DN35 0PW. To find the race village, follow signs to Touring Reception. There will hopefully be flags to show where to go.
ParkingThere are several parking options close to the start/finish area. Please do not park on any grass, or on hard standing next to any mobile home pitches.
A map showing parking options is here
A video showing parking options is here
NumbersNumbers and timing chips will be given out on the morning of your race. We have some pins, but would prefer you to bring your own if possible. The numbers will be given out in the race village from about 7.30.
StartYou can start as soon as you have attached your number and chip. However, if you would like to participate in a group start, marathon and relay runners will start together at 9am on Saturday. Marathon runners will start at 9am on Sunday, and half marathon runners will start immediately afterwards.
RouteMarathon and relay: A 0.6 mile starting stretch, followed by 7 laps of 3.7 miles. The course is signposted using yellow signs on street furniture and poles, and with arrows marked using flour on the floor. Although the course is well marked, you do still need to keep your wits about you as there are a number of turns on the course. 
There are two road crossings across a public road which is open to traffic. These may not be marshalled at all times during the race. Please take care crossing.
The course is not closed to traffic, although the traffic will be slow, you must take care on all roads and give way to vehicles. There are 6km markers in approximately the correct position, they are more an aid to route-finding than an accurate gauge of time/distance, though. (The measured distance for the marathon is 26.6miles, although it usually measures long on GPS devices.)Half Marathon: Four laps of approx. 3.25 miles with a short starting stretch. 
Please note, the half marathon on Sunday has a shortcut marked by a green arrow at the end of the grass track. Please take care not to miss it.
Route MapMarathon and Relay
Half marathon (although the start is in a slightly different location)
FacilitiesToilets are located at the start/finish area. These are the only toilets that we can guarantee being open on the park.
Please do not use bushes or the open countryside.
Bags can be stored in a gazebo at the start/finish area.There is medical cover at the finish area. Please notify a marshal if you require medical assistance or if you see another runner in difficulty.
RefreshmentsThere will be a feeding table at the finish line, you will therefore pass this seven times. There will be water, squash and cola available, with the possibility of beer later on. We’d prefer you to bring your own drinking vessel, but biodegradable paper cups will be available. Please use the bins/boxes provided to dispose of these.
There will be a variety of nibbles also available. These will be served to you by volunteers wearing gloves. Please don’t help yourselves this year.
There will be space available for you to bring your own nutrition and hydration requirements if you so wish. We can provide water to mix energy drinks if you bring powders. If you wish to bring some food to be shared with the runners, please feel free to do so, and let the feeding station know if something is available for anyone to eat.
FinishAs you finish your 7th lap, please move promptly through the finish area. You may help yourself to more food if you wish. Please remove timing chips and place them in the bucket. Once you have done this you can collect your medal and a goody bag with a drink and some snacks for soloists, and some chocolate for the teams.
I have bought some beer from Docks Beers to share with my friends, even those who aren’t running, which I’m happy to share with you subject to there being enough available for those who would like to share it with me.
ResultsLive results, courtesy of Timing Monkey:
Leaving the sitePlease take care when leaving the site if the race is still ongoing.
SponsorsThanks to AM Electrical of Grimsby for supporting the Maravan this year.
Thanks must also go to Haven Holidays Thorpe Park for their continued support of the event.
OrganiserThe Maravan is organized by Vigilantes Maravan, a not-for profit race organiser, with a mission to organise low-key endurance running events with a social emphasis for the running community of Lincolnshire and Humberside. The event director is Darren Rowe, who will be available on the park site for the duration of the event. EVENT DAY PHONE NUMBER 0788 816 9370

Finally, we’d like to wish everyone taking part a good race, and a fun weekend. We hope you enjoy the event as much as we do.

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