Juniors at “Under the Bridge”

We’ve been asked a few times whether there’s any prospect of younger runners taking part in the Maravan. Sadly, the event format as it is has never allowed that. 

However, I have been speaking to the Association of Running Clubs, who provide our race licences and insurance every year about the possibility of younger runners taking part in our new event with their parents and receiving a medal.

I’ve had the go-ahead this afternoon that I will be able to open “Under the Bridge” up to runners aged between 12 and 18, subject to the rules of the Association of Running Clubs with regard to young athletes.

Children aged 12 and over are permitted to run 3km. This is equivalent to one small loop on the course we’ve planned. 

Children aged 14 and over are permitted to run 5km, which is one large loop.

Over 17s-18s can run 10km, or two loops.

Kids will need to be accompanied by an adult at the race venue.

Entry fees will be the same for children as for affiliated runners, ie £20.

We’ve just got to work out the finer points of this and we’ll open entries, hopefully this weekend.

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