And now it starts

Vigilantes Maravan holds associate membership of the Association of Running Clubs. This allows us to hold officially recognised events, and gives us a nice big wodge of insurance which protects us all.

It’s an annual membership, and it needs to be renewed every year in April, so it’s up for renewal right now.

Thanks to our ARC permits, all our marathon-distance events are recognised by the various clubs and groups that like to count these sorts of things, the 100 Marathon Club and the Marathon Globetrotters just happen to be two that Darren is a member of.

I’ll get the money sent off for the ARC membership and the permit this week, and then from that point on, it’s all systems go, as the council and both landowners need to see evidence of this insurance policy.

So, as the first cost now hits the ledger, and conscious that we’re just into a new month, it would be really handy, if you’re thinking about entering, if you could get in now.

Enter The Maravan

Relaxed for now…

Buck Beck Beach Bench, a bench made of flotsam, driftwood and other found articles on a beach in Cleethorpes. Sandy beach and an overcast sky.
A place to relax on Cleethorpes beach…?

It’s always so quiet this time of year! Time to relax on the Beach Bench.

I like to take a month off after Maravan to recharge and unwind, and then its the unglamorous stuff in the background of reviewing risk assessments, renewing permits and permissions.

Both parks have already agreed to the event – that was done before we’d even packed away in November, so that’s the biggest hurdle out of the way.

Risk assessment is written, and I can’t renew the permit and get all those lovely millions of pounds of insurance that come with it until the spring at the earliest.

So it’s currently a game of sitting and waiting.

I know November is a long way away, but I’ve got certain landmarks along the way that I need to hit and pay for. Permit and medals seem to come up very quickly, which is why I open entries early.

Now January’s over, if you’re thinking about entering, now’s an excellent time…

2022 Results

Have been online at Timing Monkey since during the race – we get live updates. It’s amazing.

I’ve updated the results archive accordingly

Thanks to everyone involved last weekend, runners, supporters, specialists and parks staff alike. We had a great, if tiring time and we’ll be back next year.

Entries will be open once I’ve got the relevant permissions confirmed.

See you next year…

We’re keeping entries open for a while longer!

Just to let you know that, because Darren’s doing some running himself this coming weekend, and therefore won’t have finished with the necessary catering and goody-bag purchasing, we’re going to keep entries open for another little while.

Entries are well above 30 in both marathons, so they’re definitely going to count for the 100 club (which needs 15 finishers).

Half marathon is above 20, which is more than we’ve had many times since we started in 2014, and we’ve still got a few spaces left for teams if you want to enter.

Enter The Maravan


As usual, as well as the medals, there will be trophies for male and female winners of each race, along with the best male, female and mixed teams.

For this year, we’ve had a look at Zerowaste medals for the trophies, who will make us some bespoke wooden coasters.

We’ve put the order in, and once we have a proof, we’ll share it with you…

November will soon be upon us!

So, we’re creeping into the final few weeks before this year’s Maravan, and like many other events this year, numbers are down a little on previous years. 

We’ve still got plenty of time, and we’ve got more than enough runners for both days to count fully for the 100 club and other similar events.

Of course, this means that there is still plenty of time to get entries in.

We’ve had a bit of interest over the past few days because of the cancellation of the Hull Marathon, but there are still plenty of spaces in all events, and we’ve got enough in the kitty to cover the compulsory costs this year of chip timing, toilets, medals and medical support. So the event is definitely go-go-go!

We’ve spoken to the park about the necessary arrangements, and they’re happy as usual, and I’m just waiting for the final bits of paperwork to come through. Insurance is provided, as always, by a permit issued by the Association of Running Clubs, with whom we have registered the Maravan Festival as multi-terrain races.

Therefore, the only decisions left to be made is with regard to what we are putting in the goody bag. That’ll all depend on how much money we’ve got left after everything else has been paid, but I’m still hoping for crisps, chocolate and a drink of some sort, and I’m sure there’ll be some decent beer sitting around somewhere.

In other news, Maravan Mum, Norma, will be back in her traditional role. We’re trying to go cupless this year, but we’ll still have the usual spread of foods at the feeding station-cum-buffet. However, Sue Burton, who has ably assisted us over the years and has recently made the post-run welfare tent her own, is having a well-deserved break this year. If anyone fancies giving up a couple of days to support our runners with post run hot drinks, then please let us know, as you’ll be wonderfully welcome.

Darren’s off to Chicago next week to remind himself how big city marathons feel, but we’ll be back in touch with you on his return. Will he see any of you there?