Are you trying to join a club? Entry update.

Just a quick update from us today about “Under the Bridge” entries.

Some of you may know that there are a few clubs around who accept members based on the number of time they’ve run a marathon. There are strict criteria as to what constitutes a marathon, an ultra or a timed challenge.

For the 100 Marathon Club, inclusion on the club events calendar is sufficient for the event to “count”. All our events are on the 100 Club events calendar for this season, and therefore all of them will “count”.

“Under the Bridge” counts under the “Timed Challenge” criterion, and therefore anyone who completes a marathon distance will be credited as a marathon runner, anyone who completes 9 laps or more will be an ultra-runner.

However, there are criteria about the number of participants in order for an event to “count” in future years, and some folk, who are aiming to join the 100 club, like to be sure that the event meets those criteria before entering.

I’m pleased to be able to advise, having checked with Craig at EventEntry this morning, that the adult Day 1 Challenge at “Under the Bridge” has now passed the 15 entrants bar and will therefore count for future years as well. Day 2 is not far behind, if you fancy getting two runs in a weekend.

Those of you who I know have been waiting for the number to reach 15 can now feel free to enter.

We have a target of 24 entries per day to cover the costs of medical care and medal ribbons, although the event will be going ahead whether we reach this target or not. We do have to pay for ribbons now, though, so if those of you who have been holding off could  get some entries in that would be really helpful!

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