Ribbon Design for “Under the Bridge”

Under the Bridge medal ribbon

I’ve been saying since the start of the “Under the Bridge” pilot that the event would be run on a low-cost, sustainable model. 

As it’s the first ever running, we’re reusing lovely old medals that we just can’t use at the Maravan any more. It would be totally unfair, though, to not give you something bespoke, so we’ve had a brand new set of ribbons created for this event and I’m really please with the design.

As it was cheaper for me to have 100 made rather than paying a short-order surcharge, I’ve ordered 100 ribbons, so there will be 100 medals of five different designs (so if you’re doing two days you can have a different colour or design, or have a pair of interlocking ones if you want), which means that there are 50 places available for each day.

I’ll even make some places available on the day if people want to run with a younger runner in our junior event

There are still places left for each day, I’d be keen to fill early so I know how to provision my feeding table. Norma’s coming over for the weekend so it’ll be a good fun time for everyone, as usual.

Entries are available at EventEntry.

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